Futurology is a discourse on humanity’s spiritual expansion, through technology.

Technological advancements are intricately linked to the self-realisation of humanity. We are helped along on our journey by technology to help us shape a more connected world. These tools create efficient, modern, and advanced infrastructures, all for the purpose to realize and materialize our vision. The spiritual dimension of materialising our vision, is that its accomplishment and the creation of it in physical reality, expands us from a vibrational standpoint (wavelengths). It scales us to a universal flow that knows no limitation, no barriers, no stoppers, and leads us towards perpetual self-actualization on an infinite scale. That self-actualization leads to continuous expansion, mirroring the universe’s constant drive for more, for better; for the connectivity that opens our eyes.

Futurology is the ultimate discourse on our spiritual outcome, and on the technologies that help us on the way, making futurology the ultimate discourse on humanity’s spiritual, existential and ultimately expansion.

An important aspect of futurology is interstellar travel as it fits into the large theme of space exploration. The subject is woven profoundly with futurology, as the advancements that can carry us through the universe are the closest tools that allow us to become one with the universe. The ultimate connected experience is the one that makes us one with the universe, and the experiences which allows us to reach for those experiences, are space exploration and interstellar travel.

The universe is and is in a never-ending, perpetually upgrading cycle of self-exploration. The universe is the constant quest to explore, to understand, and to become. Through futurology, we match the universe’s tempo, and we raise ourselves to this matching and accomplished level of evolution.

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