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James Cameron’s Titanic (1997) – An Ode to the Ocean / Thoughts & Review (2023)

In the wake of Oceangate’s catastrophic deep dive to the Titanic’s resting place, we’ve heard James Cameron speak up with

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Mass Effect: Andromeda | Complete Review (2023)

When stripping Mass Effect: Andromeda of its side quests, the story becomes far more engaging. The doors open for more exploration of characterization and relationships. The graphics and the space aesthetic are stunning, and once the game was properly patched, facial expressions became credible as well as adventurous.

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House of the Dragon — S1 Thoughts / Why Are The Women Always Discarded?

I was excited to hear about House of the Dragon, and I ignored the frustration that came from the underwhelming catastrophe that was Game of Thrones’ final seasons, because I could sense right off the bat that House of the Dragon would help return the bar back to where it used to be.

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Cities of the Future – The Big City Archetype | Dystopias vs Utopias

A futuristic city is triumph over smallness, and so cities of the future begin with connectivity. Their first attribute is space.

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The metaphysical lore of Dreamfall Chapters | A Guide

Dreamfall Chapters draws both from science and mythology and remixes that knowledge to deliver a highly metaphysical message. In this semi-Q&A guide, I’m attempting to answer questions the game leaves purposefully open, in hope the reader will be slightly more informed and understand Dreamfall Chapter’s metaphysical better.

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