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Mission statement

Nobody likes to be told that what they produce isn’t any good. We all want to know we have worth, and that what we produce is valuable.

Fiction is the birthplace of energy currents, because it is the arena of the mind. Its exploratory playground, if you will. Because of it, we get the privilege, every time we dive into a work of fiction, to see not only the machinations of the author’s mind at the time they created the work, but also the machinations of the world at large, through the window into the world of vibes that the mind offers.

That gives us a unique insight into the world’s patterns, which is why to that end, I analyze different behavioral patterns and intentions, commonly referred to as TV Tropes and Character Archetypes.

But so, anything that goes through an author’s mind, from acknowledged thoughts in conscious mind space to wildly unacknowledged emotions in subconscious mind space, all of it gets splattered on paper. We get to take a proper look at someone’s level of evolution, which is why sometimes we love and praise a fictional work, and why sometimes we hate it, and its author, to no end.

Fortunately, or unfortunately, producing quality takes constant honing and chiseling ourselves to evolve our internal vibes, which can then reflect into what we create and bring into the world. The way we intend something, and how it comes out, often differs. Sometimes we see the author of a work intended for it to come out a certain way, but it comes off completely differently than intended—that is because the actual nature of the intention behind that work is always revealed when it’s projected outwards. Fiction forces authenticity, regardless of how the author understands and perceives themselves, and what they pour of themselves into their work.

Which is why, on TOSRC, we answer the questions “Is this worth watching?” “Is this media worth consuming?

So while everyone wants their thing to be good, not everyone will succeed, or will succeed entirely. There’s always a lot to unpack; it’s often difficult to phrase certain undertones and currents and to perfectly word what’s wrong with a work, and I’m incredibly passionate about doing just that. On a more global level, there are also authors or companies that like to release half-baked products, dub it quality, and expect to turn a huge profit over it. Or authors who perfectly well know what they’ve released is utter garbage, and who insist audiences should love it all the same and praise it to high heavens as if it was actually quality. You name it. A whole cluster from bad to worst and from good to exceptional.

Finally, TOSRC is also home to writings on the subject of futurology, mankind’s expansion as a conscious and awakened race, its relationship with space and with the universe, as it is helped along with technology to achieve that vision of oneness.

I value everybody’s thoughts on these subjects, so feel free to debate any take on the platform and to contribute your own insight. I also invite you to follow the blog and subscribe to the newsletter to stay up to date with the latest articles. You can also find me on my main blog to learn more about me. Happy criticizing!

The study of fiction is the study of reality.”

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